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01 about

I'm just a girl who loves pretty interiors and decor

at any budget.


My degree is in Interior Design, but I dabble a in bit of everything crafty and decor related. I grew up with two very crafty grandmothers, one of whom worked as a decorator who I helped since childhood. I remember helping her remove wallpaper from a clients home and vowing to never have wallpaper in my house when I was old... well, I did and now while it is still a treacherous job to remove, the fun textures and patterns now available in wallpaper has made me fall in love all over again!


 I have experience in new builds, remodels and merely single room redecorating. Below are a few of the things over the last year... from Interior Design jobs to hand-lettering and hand painting to just a few of my favorite things.


Let me know what I can do to help your to complete your projects! I tend to get inspiration in all things and places.

Not to sound cliche', but... no job too big or too small!


02 portfolio

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03 clients

Some of my recent projects include the Kankakee Valley Boat Club remodel after a devastating flood last year and a new build in Bourbonnais, Illinois, we began in March which I am currently working on and will post pics as soon as it is finished. The stonework and mantle photos are a sneak peak. Definitely check back for more photos and project updates... I am loving the way it is all coming together. 


Years ago I decorated 'French Toast', a local bistro restaurant. It was one of my very first post-design school projects. We used many of the existing surfaces to stay on budget which adds additional challenges, however, to me, it adds a sense of excitement to meet those challenges and blow the clients mind. This particular project exceeded their expectations and they were thrilled. Being fresh out of school, it was the best possible outcome I could have ever wanted.

I have done so many different styles of decor from french country and updated farmhouse to sleek and modern.


I love a good challenge and find the best inspiration in the most unlikely places... where can I help you find your style? 

04   pricing

I will do a one hour FREE Interior Design consultation, to see what you've got going and to discuss your design goals, discuss budget and timeline. 

If you merely need me to come by and give you a starting point laying out a collage or advice on what goes where... i charge $75/hour. 


My pricing ranges from $50-100/hour. My pricing varies depending project size, timeline and details... it is a house/room redecorating? A house/room remodel? A new build? A busine ss? All of these are different in pricing due to factors like... am I bringing in my own team? Am I joining with a current crew? Am I working with an engineer or builder? These are all at different levels of time and commitment, so when we meet at consultation I will then determine what plan we will go with.  

Again, no job is too big or too small. Let me know what I can do to make you fall in love with your project and want to be in that space every chance you get!

05 contact

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Tel :: 815.210.1814

2979 North Osage Drive, Bourbonnais, Illinois 60914

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