Spring Decor Ideas

Fresh Scents, Colors and Textures, oh my...


    A. Lilac is the scent of the season. There is something about the fresh scent of lilacs in the spring that just does something to your spirit, refreshes it, if you will. After the extremely long season of winter with nothing but bare trees, brown grass and piles of snow staring at you... when you finally see a lilac bush in the spring and get that first waft of those beautiful little blueish-purple blooms your soul comes alive! I love cutting bunches and places them in vases all over the house. I tend to line quart sized Mason Jars along a window sill or down the center of a table filled with them to make a beautiful tablescape. 

    B. YELLOW is THE color! I love to refresh spaces with shades of yellow, it reminds me of the bright yellow ball in the sky! Whether you change out your candles, draperies or decorative pillows or all three to spruce up your living or work space to give it the "NEW" feeling it needs. I mean, who doesn't love a bright shade of lemon, marigold or mustard (it's not just for fall) to put a pep in your step!

    C. The textures we put in our spaces are a reflection of the changing seasons outside. The flowers are poking through the dank ground and the trees are growing their new buds reminding us that winter is officially behind us. The addition of a new pillow on the sofa with a beautiful embroidered pattern or a new textured rug of sisal on your front porch or back deck under your patio set to pull it all together making it a true additional living space.

Add Decor to your Front Door and Porch

    Who doesn't love coming home to a fresh look! This season gives you a chance to set the tone for the look and feel that you want for your home for the Spring and Summer. A fun new color painted on the door is always a fun change, I love neutrals but I tend to always go for something a bit brighter on the door! A new wreath makes a fantastic addition. Or perhaps, a new sign... I am a sucker for monograms or your last name on chalkboard or etched wood or metal.. 


    I love to add a couple bright colored pillows the porch swing or rocking chairs! Put a cute basket or chest with a sign next to the door for all your Amazon packages... you know you need that! If you really want to step it up, add an outdoor chandelier, whether it is a new one fresh out of the box or a reclaimed one that you add some fun, funky keys or vintage jewelry to. There is nothing better than coming home to a beautifully inviting entry. 

Fresh Paint to Add a New "VaVaVoom" to Your Room 

    A fresh coat of paint is EVERYTHING! Whether it is one wall, one room or a special piece of furniture. A new coat of paint brings a feeling of renewal. It's amazing the transformation you will see when you update your paint colors... and Spring is the perfect time to refresh your abode... I mean, it's where you lay your head every night, why not make it as special as you can. 

Tips on painting furniture... it can sometimes be tricky. Real wood is the easiest, removing knobs and pulls, sanding down the finish, wiping it down, and then paint. When painting metal or faux wood, the main difference in prep is after sanding is priming.. priming is key (that is not the area to save on, the better the primer the better the paint will adhere and stay). When painting glass or mirrors,  clean with alcohol then use oil based paint (warning... oil based is sloppy and hard to remove, so be sure to practice on something old). 

Something Special for the Mommy's!

    As I've said, Spring is the season of renewal. Whether it be your house, your porch or merely your cocktail, it time to try something new. This is the time of year when basking in the sun, listening to the birds on the deck is the most refreshing. Spring breaks, with or without the kiddos... toes in the sand with a drink in your hand... I think you know where I am going with this... LOL!

"The Airfare"

2 ounces light rum

1/2 ounce sweet vermouth

ginger ale

orange slice

mix rum and vermouth in cocktail shaker with ice

strain into a cocktail glass

add a splash of ginger ale

garnish with an orange slice

paired with dry roasted peanuts

"A few of these and you will feel like you are flying!"

Thank you for spending a few minutes with me today! Next month... Mother's Day Gift Ideas!